Mostly at this time of the morning I am drifting through sleep.

Not today, I have been awake for hours.

Those sleepy hours of bliss are gone to a restless list of out of the ordinary magic.

Time and I play this funny game, kind of like crazy dancing.

One day I am begging for it to stop the next I am wondering what powers I would need to

jump forward a day or a week or a year and see how time plays out my list of life’s requested


Then there is now.


Just me, a list of dreams, some magic

ramblings and “To Do’s” waiting for the light to break

open a new day filled with questions, answers to the mundane,

and lots of stuff that tries to push the magic aside.

Secretly I love it when the magic spills and

if time wishes for it to be at 2:38am

so be it.

It reminds me, I haven’t given up.

I am still holding tightly to

the dreams of new realities

of big shiny possibilities

and crazy fun adventurings.

Bec x


Now my Angel, take flight.. Goodbye we love you forever.

Big one, Barney Russell, B, Mr Barney..

If the tears stop and I finally fall asleep tonight I am sure I will dream of you, maybe barking at the postman,

maybe galloping around with a ball in your mouth and all with that big smile on your face.

You could smile enough to make any day brighter.


any pair of chewed up shoes not so chewed up!


Any dug up hole in the garden bed not so deep.

13 years ago, you changed my life forever – literally.

If it were not for you being naughty and not walking on your lead like a good puppy

I would never have meet your human daddy and fallen in love twice in one day..

Thank you my beautiful boy,  for sharing your beautiful spirit and all the love, all of your life.

A love big enough to always heal a broken heart.

Your bark and your big gorgeous heart protected me always.

Your adventurous life loving spirit took all our house moves in your stride, one new dog park after another.

In you would bound and off you would go, knocking the little dogs over,

annoying the big dogs with you bright beaming happy slobbering way.

Thank you for being so loving to Harvey, I know he chewed your ears and jumped on you and bugged you when he was a puppy yet you have always

been so patient with him, you were the best brother any dog could ever wish to grow up with.

10 years on he will be beside himself trying to live without you – I Promise you, we will love him hard enough to make up for some of his missing you.

For your hair on my work clothes, your crazy barking at anything that moved, your knowing looks from your beautiful brown eyes, I don’t want this to be goodbye.

Not yet, it’s too soon.

Do you remember the fun we used to have buzzing around in the little black bullet – you riding shot gun, me singing.

You are the only one to this day to ever love my singing.

Thank you for being so gentle when the babies came, you loved to chase them and trip them over and lick their little hands all covered in their snacks.

Thank you for all the years, all the months, all the weeks and all the days – your patience with me unmatched.

You have been 13 years of pure love and so much life.

Now my Angel, go play, run, chew on your ball & bark at the postman, grab a bone and rest.

Let your spirit take you on to the next home.

You have been so brave.

Bound in on the girls and  let them gush over you as they share cups of tea.

Knowing them all they will have you a supper at the ready.

Find your wings Angel they are waiting for you, to take your brave heart and fly you into the heavens.

And as your spirit fly’s, take our smiles and our love with you for comfort.

Rest easy Barney Russell we love you.


Her light & His love.

Meeting John & his beautiful wife was like accidentally walking into the middle of a love story.

John is 81 & like me we share a love of photography.

 We also share a dislike for having our photo taken.

 John is a Portrait Volunteer for the 82 Life Project.

He telephoned me one afternoon after learning of the project.

He asked me what my motivation was & I spoke honestly about what had inspired

me to start this adventure

John is a listener, not to reply – just to listen.

When we meet I learnt that

for over a hundred years his family have had a photography business.

His love of photography very present, he walks &  photographs while his beautiful

wife spends time teaching mahjong at the library.

If you look through the window into the home of love you would see that it is warm, nurturing & gentle.

Wholesome & giving, kind & open, honest & unguarded.

You would only be looking though.

John and his wife opened the door on their love just by allowing me

to sit with them & talk.

She will forever be his light


He will forever be her love.

82 Life Project-1

82 Life Project.

George at 90.

The 82 Life Project is my passion work.

Without a doubt I receive so much more than I could imagine by hearing the moments of incredible living from people who have made it.
They have lived, hard, strong, big brave years with passion.

George has so much to teach us all about life.

George at 90 is the essence of what the 82 Life Project is about – Spirit & Courage & Love & History.
This year for his 90th Birthday this year his daughter took him to Mt Baw Baw to go Dog Sledding in the snow of the high country.

When we spoke about it, I asked him if he loved it I think the sparkle in his eye gave way to his words – “I loved every moment”.

Those eyes of his shone so brightly and the magic of his soul filled the room.

What a determined, Strong soul George is and my heart is so incredibly grateful for meeting him.

As we talked over many things, George spoke of life in the Snowy Mountains and his life devoted to horses and  harness racing.

His majestic trophies from his Champion Harness racing days on display and also close by him.

His love of horses is clear when he speaks of their company being better than humans..

His dry sense of humour is quick and cheeky.

I felt so humbled to be in the presence of greatness, to be illuminated by the light of his spirit

George at 90 Thank you.

82 Life Project

82 Life Project

This project is about connection and love – about the light that the elderly in our lives have to share

with us – take the time to be inspired by the love they have to share.


Disconnected is my new 5 Star!

We had no phone, no internet, no connection to the world wide webs

unless we went into town to the internet cafe – which we choose not to do..

We set out to be disconnected for the constant of it all,

the habit if you like – the none stop ringing’s

the “hang on I am just on the phone”


“hang on I just have to send this”

to our kids.

We turned off and in the process

we switched onto the best three days I can remember.

We played handball with the kids in the Sheep paddock.

We walked alot and made up games along the way..

We sat outside with the dogs in the sunshine and talked

about all the ways we could do the dogs hair to make her look

really stylish!

We feed chickens and collected eggs.

We feed the horse and checked the goats.

We had the fire on all day and all night.

We cooked delicious food and drank red wine.

We went to bed at 9pm

We laughed, and skipped and jumped and talked and didn’t.

The silence, we all had our moments of just loving the silence

The giggles,

of the kids playing outside in the sunshine discovering something

slimy or squishy or crawling or flying..

We were so present and were there with them for 3 whole days.

You can’t imagine the absolute luxury we all felt.

The kids played outside from morning till afternoon.

There was no driving, only walking.

There was no waiting only being.

There were no tears only smiles.

There was late afternoon rain

and then rainbows..

There was so much joy.

More than I can explain to you here.

There are now questions – oh the questions.

Then there are the choices.

Disconnected is my new 5 star.




Rebecca Patterson Photography

Rebecca Patterson Photography-8

Rebecca Patterson Photography-7

I am not sure how this will all finish up really.

I am just so replenished with love that anything is possible.

Bec xx

The market

There is some amazing things to find when you look around your local community.

Hidden gems as we know them!

This local market was over flowing with good food,

cold people and a collective desire to live beyond

the supermarket!

The shoppers looked happy however more importantly,

the produce looked happy!

There really is something to be said for eating in season.

We are so blessed to live in a place with plentiful

nourishing food.







Head out and hit up the local markets,

you will find inspiration everywhere

to nourish you and those you love!


6 degree’s of separation – Maybe..

There was a fleeting moment where I thought the 6 degree’s of separation had crossed my path.

I think my heart was willing chance to arrive and greet me.

There was a slim possibility this beautiful lady had worked or at least meet my

husband’s grandmother.

Both women worked in Costume departments

one for the Sydney Theatre company

the other for

the Adelaide Theatre company

many, many moons ago.

It was not to be, however there was an overwhelm of

delight that she would agree to be part of the #82LifeProject

82 Life Project

Thank you Maureen for opening the door of your

home and showing me a glimpse of your life.

Bec xx

Country adventuring

On my quest to seek out those who are willing to be part of the 82 Life Project

I took a pre organised overnight adventure out to the country to meet a

thriving community of souls who all have their own stories.

It is one of those beautiful places that some people will never get to see.

Tucked away in a valley, far from a main road, hidden by enormous gum trees

 were warm generous and welcoming families.

 I could feel such a genuine sense of community amongst those that sat at the dinner table.

Both the hilarity and red wine warmed us as we sat together under the stars on

a stunningly clear and beautiful Autumn night.

There is so much adventuring to be had, so many people to meet

such a feast of life to be lived.

The 82 Life Project already has me more than grateful

for the people I have meet and the places I have been.

Thank you for the incredible country hospitality and the crisp

country air that re-envigorated my spirit.

Country Life

If you love the 82 Life Project and would like to have one of your family members

photographed I would be grateful to hear from you.

I can’t wait for my next adventure.

Bec x


Dorothy May

82 Life Project

 Quietly in her beautiful tapestry chair by the window

Aunty watched as the goings on happened around her.

The races playing on Tv in her sight

while her watchful eye steadily surveys the room.

She is part of their sisterhood.

A family of beautiful woman showing

each other love and care

more so than many will ever see in their lifetime.

As I take her photo,

she has placed down her form guide

she has chosen her

 pony to back

and the bet is placed.

She is in fine form for 94.

Dorothy May,
Thank you for being
part of the 82 Life Project.
Bec xx

Evelyn the treasured.

Time has become irrelevant.

The space that surrounds her familiar, yet not.

As her grandson lent in to give her a kiss hello

her eyes glistened,

as she briefly came back from where she had been.

She recognised the feeling of love by her side

and there she was

brought to the present

with their indescribable connection.

At 93, Evelyn

is a woman who is respected,

she is loved

and it is love that

lights her way back to the now.

82 Life Project


Bec x